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Taxes & Common Sense

You invest in a home. You pay for it and you pay the taxes, every year as long as you own it.  The longer you own it, the more its value goes up: So do your taxes. Same with your wages, the more they go up, the more taxes you pay.

  Let’s start with $10,000. I pay taxes on the $10,000 I earn. I put it in the bank and pay taxes on the interest it draws…indefinitely. I give the $10,000 to my child, they pay taxes on it AND the interest it receives as long as they have it in the bank.

  You buy a car for $10,000. You pay sales tax on it, Get a driver’s license, (Tax) pay tax on the gas you put in it and you buy license plates (More taxes) every year as long as you have it.  . If you sell it at a profit…you must pay tax on the profit you made on it. (The buyer then pays sales tax on your car you sold him) Every time that car gets sold…it gets taxed over and over and over, all the way to the junkyard.

  You pay road use tax on the gas you use in your lawnmower, chain saw, boat motor, garden tractor and weed eater. (Is that fair?) WE have cigarettes and alcohol that everyone says is costing us billions in health care and deaths. Does our government do anything about it? Hell no, our country would go broke tomorrow if it lost the tax revenue on cigarettes and alcohol.

  Taxes are raised and created by politicians for the purpose of getting a large amounts of money in the pot, so they can spend large amounts of money from the pot: Money for their high salaries, benefits, retirement, and help make money for the people who put them in office.

  Who pays very little if any taxes? Prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves, embezzlers, politicians and other crooks.  If these people paid taxes, we wouldn’t have so many taxes. All we need is  a NATIONAL SALES TAX!  No state taxes, no city taxes, no federal income taxes and no other taxes.

  Let those who have the money pay taxes with purchases. The drug dealer who buys a Rolls Royce pays 10%. The corporation that buys the yacht…pays 10% and the thief who buys a Florida condo also pays 10%. The poor person who buys a smaller item will naturally pay a smaller amount. Rich people will then pay their fair share. (And so will corporations) I don't think it will happen, as the government would loose the ability to see what each and every one of us makes.

 No more Tax returns, no withholding and no IRS? I could get use to that!  

How to make friends with a Cop!

  The first thing to remember is… Don’t try to become over-friendly to a police officer you don’t know, or she will do is run a record check on your buns to find out what you are about. Please understand that MOST of their time is spent dealing with people who are injured, dirty, bloody, stressed out, in trouble, on drugs, drunk or just plain pissed at the world. When you see an officer conducting a traffic stop, [or with a suspect in handcuffs] it is generally not a good idea to approach him/her and ask for directions.

  When a police officer enters the room and you do a “Spread Eagle” against the wall, Cops aren’t impressed. It‘s not original or funny. When a doctor enters the room, do you bend over and hold up a rubber glove and make a comment? The same applies to doughnut jokes, they have heard them all.

  NEVER try to strike up a conversation with an officer by talking about an incident that happened to a friend of yours 5 years ago when they were “Picked up” for something they didn’t do. (Only to find out later it was only a warning about something trivial that no one cares about)

  Don’t talk about police work; they know about it, you don’t. What you saw on TV COPS last probably didn’t happen on their shift last night.  Avoid asking questions like: “Do you think that pervert that was arrested last week did what they say he did?” Cops don’t want to tell you about their case, and they sure as heck don’t want to talk about someone else’s case. Don’t go there. At the end of your day, (Doing what you do for a living) do you want people coming up to you asking you questions about YOUR work, or telling you how to do your job better? NOT!

  At a social gathering, YOU normally get introduced to someone by name. (Most of the time) When a police officer gets introduced at a social event, it’s “This is Bill Smith…he’s a cop” SO WHAT! Maybe he or she doesn’t want everyone to know that he or she is a police officer. Maybe they want to “Blend in” and just enjoy being talked to as a “Person” not a police officer.  People stare at cops, watch to see if they drink at a party, they look for bulge signs of a gun, and eyeball them closely to make a determination if it’s good cop, bad cop or has normal-like qualities.

  It is understandable why after a few years…many cops can come to believe that most people should have to apply for a permit to reproduce. They can easily believe that 90% of the people are liars, because most people they deal with do. (“I only had a couple beers?”)  Keep in mind that almost every time they take a call, make an arrest, stop a car or patrol the streets…they are under stress and dealing with other people who are under stress. (Yes some cops are just jerks, but take heart in the fact that other cops don't like them either.)

 No, cops are not normal people, but they like to be treated like they are.

More Laws?

  Let’s make a new law… the law would read like this: “Any time a City, state or federal agency wants to make changes in laws that effect your freedoms or rights, you must NOT challenge, argue or disagree with the changes or laws.”

  Make it simple for lawmakers to do whatever they want to help us poor, stupid people make our life’s decisions. We don’t know how to think and chew gum at the same time right? No one can talk on a cell phone and drive? Hell, I can ride my motorcycle, listen to my MP3 player (With a cigarette in my mouth) and adjust my GPS system and watch the beautiful scenery around me at the same time.

  We should outlaw smoking and driving too. Ever knock the end off your cigarette and it drops in between your legs near your crotch? You think you don’t learn to multi task real quick? We need more laws to outlaw this stuff.

  What about the working mom on the road that depends on a call from her kids when they get home from school? The Farmer who needs to hear from his man in the field, the trucker on the road that needs to get messages from his dispatcher. (Or a family emergency message) I see police officers talking on cell phones while they drive and they don’t receive “Special” training to be able to do that.

  It’s all about paying attention to what you’re doing. I know a buddy that hit a telephone pole while eating a cheeseburger while driving, so we better make that against the law too. Sure, it’s a little risky, and we need to be careful while driving, but it seems like the majority always have to suffer for a few dingbats. And our lawmakers hear from this little group of people who want to tell everyone else how run their lives. Talk to these lawmakers and let them know what you think. It’s easy to send E-mails to all of them in one quick note. Go to my website  In the upper left hand corner there’s a link that says “Lawmakers” E-mail them about too many taxes, too many stupid laws and what-ever bugs you…or Otherwise, they will be making weird laws to govern our lives and increasing taxes to spend more. These people need to be reminded constantly that we DO HAVE brains and we don’t need 10,000 laws to enforce the Ten Commandments.    

Guns & Politics

Imagine… living where there are over 140 rapes a month, 50 murders, 2,269 robberies, 2,862 Aggravated assaults, 2,508 burglaries and over 10,800 burglaries. In New York alone over 186,628 people are affected by MAJOR crime EACH MONTH. Carrying (Or owning) a handgun in New York is Illegal, unless you are a crook or a rich politician.

  Each year 2.5 million citizens use guns to defend themselves. Even the Clinton Justice Department admits that 1.5 million citizens used guns for self-defense. The majority only brandish a weapon or fire a warning shot. (Less than 8% of the time, a citizen will kill or wound his/ her attacker. (And 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.)

  Armed citizens kill twice as many crooks as police, and have less of an error rate. According to Newsweek, only 2% of civilian shootings involve an innocent person mistakenly being identified as a criminal. (The error rate for police was 12%)

  States that have passed concealed carry laws have seen a reduction in violent crime. Florida passed a concealed carry law in 1987; over 800,000 permits to carry were issued. The FBI reports show that the homicide rate (Which was much higher than the National average) fell 52% in the next 15-year period.

  Washington DC and South Dakota have around 600,000 people. When DC banned guns, homicides exploded by 156% in 1981 alone (To a total of 482 deaths) That same year South Dakota had 12 homicides. (Same number they had in 1976)

Washington DC has 4 times the amount of law enforcement officers as the entire state of South Dakota. South Dakota has no gun registration, no owner licensing, no permit to purchase, young people have firearms training, and SD has permits to carry.

  Sure I can look up facts and figures, and so can you, but think about this: Guns are no more responsible for crimes than spoons are responsible for obese people. And just like the bumper sticker reads, “If guns cause crime, matches cause arson” 

Confusing War?

WHY do people who protest the war and oppose it receive a lot of intimidation and hatred? It’s America, we have free speech and we all have our opinions. (Although I feel it is sad when people protest at a funeral when others are grieving a loss) I support my fighting people and realize that they are dieing for a cause. Just “What cause” I am not really sure about. What I read and hear is so confusing.

  Let’s see, we have to rebuild Iraq because we blew it all to hell. The people of Iraq need help to keep control of their country, because the insurgents want to take control. Who are the insurgents? They are Iraqi people who don’t want democracy.

Did they cause 9-11? Did we win in Viet Nam? Did we win in Mogadishu? What about Korea?

  I used to feel that one good thing came about as a result of Viet Nam… we’d never get in to another “Questionable” war (Sorry, I mean CONFLICT) In Viet Nam we wanted to give them free elections and democracy…they thought that would be good too. They were ready to have a free election and we were ready to help them. (At first) That was until our government realized that they were going to vote for Ho Chi Minh. Holy smokes! That’s the guy we didn’t like. (So things quickly changed)

  According to an article on the BBC “If the current spending bill is approved, US war costs will reach $439billion, and it estimates that an extra $371billion may be needed by 2016. According to the LA Times, the final bill for the war in Iraq "will be much higher than previously reckoned—between $1 trillion and $2 trillion, depending primarily on how much longer our troops stay.” Where is the end? Defense contractors and other corrupt war business companies get filthy rich….while back home everyone struggles to fill up their gas tanks, heat their homes and plant crops using fuel…the same stuff that Iraq has plenty of. If Iraq needs us so much…why aren’t they paying for it with oil?

  Our country is in massive debt, and “WE THE PEOPLE” will soon be cashing our paycheck “Stub” because it will be worth MORE that the actual check. When the government leaders talk about cutbacks…they threaten us with police, fire and school cuts. They want to scare us into accepting MORE taxes and MORE taxes.

  How in the hell can anyone understand what is really going on with the press, government and politicians all feeding us different stories? Someone is be telling lies!

What happened to the music?

  As I listened to my Satellite radio the other day, I became momentarily sad for the young people of today, as most are becoming musical illiterates. The people growing up in the 50’s and 60’s have a broad range of musical knowledge and enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

  If Elvis just came into the world today, there is no station that would play his music...except maybe country stations. What station would introduce Dave Brubeck, (Take Five) Lawerence Welk, (Calcutta) the Kingston Trio, Percy Faith, (A Summer Place) and many, many others? EVEN BUDDY HOLLY would have no place to play his music on today’s radio stations.

  What stations today would introduce songs from artists like Johnny Mathis, Fats Domino, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Ray Charles, The Drifters, Louie Armstrong, Pat Boone or Bobby Darin? What station today would introduce the instrumentals of people like Johnny & the Hurricanes, the Champs or Duane Eddy and what radio today station would introduce the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons or the Platters?

  For sure there is no radio station today that would introduce “Fun” artists like The Coasters, The Big Bopper, (Chantilly Lace) Ray Stevens, (Ahab the Arab) The Hollywood Argyles, (Alley Oop) and God forgive them to play the Chipmunks songs. (Can you hear me Alvin?)

  I would dare to say that people like Tex Ritter, (Hillbilly Heaven) Jimmy dean, (Big John) Tennessee Ernie Ford, (16 Tons) and Ferlin Husky (Wings of a Dove) might stand a “Slim” chance of being introduced into today’s country market. However, most of today’s country artists have to be sexy, pretty, younger or ”Unusual” to be allowed into Nashville.

  Here’s is just a few of the great artists that would have no place in today’s musical society, because they wouldn’t fit the format of the modern radio station: Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, the Everly Brothers,  Righteous Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, Bobby Vee, Doris Day, the Association, Dell Shannon, Carpenters, Lou Cristi, Nat “King” Cole, Johnny Rivers, Bobby Vinton, Monkees, Dave Clark Five, Mamas and the Papas, James Brown, Barry Manilow, BJ Thomas, Peter, Paul & Mary, Sammy Davis Jr., The Fifth Dimension AND more….Maybe… even the Beatles.

  All of the above artists shared one or more radio stations. It’s sad that many of our young people will never see artists like these introduced into our current world. I’m glad some of us have shared our memories with our kids and grand kids. (They seem to enjoy it)

Facts and Freedom

  I was listening to a couple talk show people babbling the other day about motorcyclists should be made to wear helmets. Neither of them owns a motorcycle and obviously failed to do any research before striking up the conversation. (I tried to reason with them, but they did their best to try to make me look like a fool)

  Motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets are portrayed as a public “Burden”, while it is actually a “Minor” cause of head injuries in the United States. Motor vehicles accidents, falls, assaults, pedestrian and bicycle accidents are responsible for the larger percentages of head injuries. (In two studies, motorcycles head injuries were 8% of the total)

  I know that there have been people who have lived because of a helmet…I’ll never argue that, but FORGET ALL THAT for a moment! I know that I could be one of the 8% when I don’t wear a helmet and I could become a vegetable or be killed. I have insurance, I am careful, I have had tons of training and road experience, I know the risk and I will NOT be a burden to you. My wife and I are almost 65 years we old got that way being careful.

  If you don’t ride a scooter, you won’t understand the feeling of the wind in your face and hair, the smell of a distant wood fire, people barbecuing and freshly cut grass. (In a helmet, it’s re-breathing stale air and the smell of sweat from the heat.)  Could you imagine telling an Indian a couple hundred years ago to wear a helmet while he’s hunting buffalo…cause it will be safer? (White man crazy?)  The seat belt laws are for making it easier to stop people, make revenue and make arrests, otherwise we wouldn’t be putting 40 million kids on a school bus 2 times a day without seat belts)

  You can’t wear headphones when you drive a car because it will impair your hearing, but when you put on a helmet… you immediately loose the perception of WHERE sounds are coming from. But forget all that too… It’s about my FREEDOM! YES! (And those freedoms are becoming fewer) We are always at war fighting for what? FREEDOM. If people want to sky dive, shoot the rapids, drive a racecar, scuba dive with sharks, it’s not my business… it’s THEIR choice and their FREEDOM to do so. Is that so really hard to understand?

Working Moms?

I remember when I was a young kid going to school back in Missouri, (Where it was always the man’s job to support the family and the moms stayed at home) I would come home after a hard day, and Mom was always there to ask me how my day was. Mom listened while I told her about the events of the day. (And while she listened, she’d pour me a glass of milk and place a couple of homemade cookies next to it) It was nice and I felt love.

  Later, when I was in my teens, and mom started working, I’d come home to an empty house… no cookies; no milk... and I didn't feel the love any more. Mom and me didn't talk much any more either.

I’d watch TV, run around the neighborhood, try cigarettes, sample booze in the liquor cabinet, and play with fire and “Goof-off”. (We didn’t have drugs or day care back then)

  When our kids were growing up, my wife was always there when the kids came home… they too enjoyed the milk, cookies and love.

  I believe our society would be much better off if Moms didn’t work till AFTER the kids graduate. Problem is: It costs so much to live today.   I think Government could help a lot: STOP taxing us to death... Quit taking our money and giving it to someone else, take some of that money we give to other countries, and give it to Moms. (So they don’t have to work.)

  You may read “Working mom studies” that say it’s all right to work, but there are horror stories about working mom families too. My hope is… that if you must be a working mom… please remember the Milk, cookies, conversation and LOVE. 

Minor & Booze

Having been a nightclub owner could make it difficult for you to trust my credibility and motive for writing this, however, I offer a solution to helping curb the problem of under age people and alcohol.

  The responsibility, cost, penalties and burden all fall on the bar owners, and of course we have to assume some of this. It is out responsibility to do everything we can to see that under age people do NOT come into our establishments. I don’t know of ANY bar in Fargo who wants to serve under age people and most do all they can to prevent it.

  Our bar spends approximately $6,000 a month for security and I.D. door checkers, plus hundreds of dollars in bounties yearly for our employees who catch minors in our bar, or attempting to get in.

  ALL of our waitresses, bartenders, door people and security are required to take server training. We (as well as most other establishments) do everything we possibly can to prevent underage people from coming in to our bars… but they keep trying. There is so many sophisticated, professional false I.D.’s being made, that only the highly trained, careful observers can catch them. A simple solution: Make it a felony for anyone using a FALSE ID for the purpose buying alcohol or attempting to enter a bar. After all, this can be a life or death issue.

  The minors who purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol (In most cases…if caught and convicted) receive little or no punishment. The bar owner faces stiff fines, loss of license and closure. It could be a loss of 50 plus bar jobs, entertainers, a $275,000 liquor license plus loss in city, state and federal taxes. (Not to mention the financial loss to the vendors)

  Let’s make it a SERIOUS VIOLATION and punishment for these people to break the law. Make under age people take responsibility for their actions. Why Not? They are the ones causing the problem… not us.

Simple Sex Offenders Solutions

It’s really quite simple. If grandpa gropes a niece (Or nephew) we should get him in for treatment and help. At the same time our court system should see that he gets a taste of prison life. (For future reference)

  When a human being rapes, brutalizes, tortures and kills another human being…”so long pervert” you are going to prison for life. (Or death) I don’t know if you can be rehabilitated and I don’t care. I don’t want to ever wonder or worry if it will happen again, because you are behind bars till you die.

  The case in which the couple in “Love” (He is 18 and she is 16) and  have consensual sex, it is against the law and similar cases need to be judged in court on their individual merits.

  When someone forcefully rapes a woman, weather the woman is married, single, 21 or 91 years old… WHAT'S the Difference? They should do a lot of serious jail time. Not enough prisons? Prisons too crowded?  Baloney! Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona solved that problem with his “Tent city” prison. (Look it up on the web) It’s cheap; it saves tax dollars and is more effective than country club prisons. The ACLU says that Joe Arpaio’s tent city is” Inhumane”.  What is Humane about the violence against the America public by these animals?

  Yes, giving us maps, locations and addresses of sex offenders may be helpful, but is it OUR job to keep track of them? Does treatment and rehabilitation work? In some cases. Does castration work? I think so. Is it humane? For repeat offenders…damn right. Does this mean we are stooping to their level, of course not; we are just protecting our children…. At all costs.

  Why is our judicial system so worried about repeat sex offender’s rights? The one right they should NOT be denied? A SPEEDY TRIAL!

Your Call is Important?

  That is ludicrous!!!   If my call was important you wouldn’t put me on hold with funky elevator music, make me listen to a dozen or more number options to choose from and you wouldn’t keep telling me that all your operators are busy because of an “Unusually” high volume of calls.

  If my call were important, you wouldn’t hire people who don’t speak English to try to answer my questions when they do eventually answer my call. You would also have the volume level the same from one automated computer voice to the next. You wouldn’t make me sit on hold for long periods of time while I listen to a voice repeat every 15 seconds telling me how “Important” my call is. Don’t insult my intelligence!

  Don’t put my call into a company directory of endless names, because if I knew who worked there I would have called them instead. And if my call were important, you wouldn’t have a computer voice ask me for my phone number, (Which you are not going to call anyway) Then repeat the number back to me and ask me if that is my phone number.

 To add insult to injury, when a human being does finally answer my “Important call” you put my important call on hold…and then proceed to allow me to get disconnected. You now have lost me and will not call back… and you DO have my number.

  Please, please, you over considerate, concerned, customer minded computer-voiced, customer service companies. Look up the word “Service” then the word “Important” in the dictionary. Then erase the line in the your telephone computer voice system that says, “Your call is Important?

Gay Teachers?

Even though I am a 63-year-old red neck, I have tried to keep my mind open in today’s increasingly liberal society, but GAY TEACHERS? I don’t think so! Nor do I want a gay Boy Scout Leader sleeping in a tent next to my son on a weekend camp out. Just as I wouldn’t want a (Male) Girl Scout leader sleeping in the tent next to my daughter on a weekend camp out. Does that mean I am a gay basher, homophobic or ignorant? No, it simply means I have an opinion.

  I am not saying that if someone is gay it makes he or she a child molester. I am talking about sexual attraction. What separates the adult (Or normal person) from perusing a sexual encounter may be the age difference. A male gay likes males…what age? That depends on the gay person. Just like normal males are drawn to females…what age? Again, it depends on the person’s preferences. So why would anyone want to have a gay leader (Or teacher) be in charge teaching your child what is normal or acceptable?

  It appears that small groups of people are trying to get the majority to believe that homosexuality is “Normal.”  But when I look up the word “Normal” in the dictionary, I read things like: Conforming to a standard, usual, typical, regular, ordinary, or NATURAL. Having gay “Leaders and teachers of our children is certainly “None of the above” and may put kids at risk of being taught that homosexuality is “Normal”

  But remember, it was just a few years ago that it was against the law, a crime, punishable by a jail term to commit acts of homosexuality. And now some think we should allow deviant people to “Teach” our children? Normal children are greatly influenced by their parents, religious leaders and teachers, therefore: They should be normal!


Immigration 101

  We all know of relatives who came to America to work and prosper, and we know about people who come to America to ”Free load” live off the welfare gravy train, drain our society and some are downright dangerous criminals.

  Those who have already slipped into this country illegally, to terrorize us, sell drugs to our kids or work and live free MUST get registered. Amnesty will bite us in the butt. Who ever you are… we need to know what your intention is. If you want to work and prosper, we will help you, if you want to sell drugs or destroy our society, you’re going back. (To stay)

  Our borders are what protect us, if we would have watched our borders more closely, we may have prevented 9-11, plus our welfare system wouldn’t be over budget and crime would be less than it is.

  I have the most horrible vision of New York and Los Angeles going up in a nuclear cloud someday, just like the Twin Towers. God forbid it should happen, but I think it is very possible. Can you imagine what that would be like? What we are spending on other countries could well be used to protect our borders, not to mention how sloppy security it is.

  You lock the door to your home to prevent unwanted people from coming in. You let “Nice” people in, but you do not want bad people in. When someone knocks on your door, you investigate and make a determination as to weather you want them in or not. If someone sneaks past you, you throw them out or call the law to do it for you. If you left your door open all the time, how long would you and your property last? Not very long, and neither will we if we don’t watch our doors.

  Why should our country borders be any different? The U.S. is our home and the borders are our doors. We want all different types of immigrants, like the ones that have made our country great. It isn’t about nationalities, it’s about honest people who want to come to our country and become “Productive” citizens.

  Wouldn’t you like to know who’s coming to your house before they’re already inside? You want to make sure they are “Nice” people, people who will behave and they will help you clean up after words. We just need to know who’s in our house and why… that’s all.


Legalized drugs?

Being a former police officer, a redneck dad of 3 and a grandpa of six, you would think the last thing on earth I would want is the legalization of drugs, but we HAVE been loosing the war on drugs and continue to do so. Let’s look anyway.


The streets would be safer, as drug addicts wouldn’t have to commit armed robberies, home invasions, and theft to be able to buy drugs. They could go to a local government “drug store” and get FREE drugs. (And enroll in a rehab program or apply for a part time job as well) Since drugs are responsible for a fifth of the murders and rapes, a quarter car thefts, two-fifths of robberies and assaults and half the nation's burglaries and thefts… crime would go down.


When law enforcement restricts the supply of drugs, the price of drugs rises. In 1984, a kilogram of cocaine worth $4000 in Colombia sold at wholesale for $30,000, and at retail in the United States for some $300,000. With government controlled legalization we can take “Profit” out of drugs, thereby putting “Organized crime” out of business. 


Prison overcrowding? With the legalization of drugs, drug dealers won’t be taking up all the jail space. We would have room for all those level 3 sex offenders, murderers and rapists that get turned loose because of prison over crowding. (This would also reduce corruption of police and government officials that get involved in drug corruption) Our clogged up judicial system would now be able to free itself up to handle all the civil and criminal matters. We could actually have a “Speedy” trial. Even the innocent could get a matter resolved in a timely fashion.


Drug enforcement and prosecution costs us BILLIONS, and we can’t stop it. If the profit in drug sales were gone… drugs would be cheap, and the government could give it to addicts with controlled programs. (It would certainly free up our police for other areas of enforcement, prevention and education)


Where drugs are legalized and controlled…Aids has decreased dramatically, why? They get safe needles free at the local government drug store.

  Controlled legalization of drugs sounds crazy, but it does seem to make some sense too. The BIGGEST problem? Having our government be in charge of it!!!

What do you think?  


The cost of Monkey Business

When the big honchos in world war two were making decisions, they often predicted “Body counts” before making a certain decisions. That’s the way life is. When I went to Sturgis last year on my motorcycle, I knew I could be killed by a car, shot by a bad guy or killed by a deer running across the road. But I made the decision to go… If would have been killed… it’s the “Cost of doing business.” I weighed the fun, enjoyment and freedom against the risks. No one else can weigh those risks… unless they are taking them themselves. Some people parachute from a planes, some drive snowmobiles, scuba dive, race cars, and bungee jump, drink booze, eat fat foods and even smoke cigarettes. Everyone reading this will put each of these in a different priority as to its rate of danger.

  Those who don’t like second hand smoke? Stay out of the bars. Why do these “Heath nuts” claim that they want a smoke free bar? If they are concerned about health… why do they want to go to a bar anyway? Are they looking to get vitamin C in orange Vodka?  (Of course they don’t really go to bars or they would have supported the West Fargo VFW when it went smoke free) Many non-smoking employees work at a smoking bar because they make exceptional tips. They weigh the risk against the money and make a decision.

Why do many people want to end smoking in PRIVATELY owned bars? They seem to think (As taxpayers) that they have right to make decisions on your business. It is NOT a public place. (Like a courthouse, library or school) It is their bar, their license, and their customers and should be their decision. There is no difference between a bar, welding shop or a used car lot. They are privately owned. Adults should be able to make their own decisions based on their evaluation as to the danger of the sport.

  Our government knows the dangers of smoking, and they also know how many BILLIONS of dollars they make from the revenue.  After all, they even contribute to the tobacco industry with farm subsidies for tobacco farmers; they just look at it as a “Cost of doing business” Smokers look at it they same way…It’s a crapshoot, a gamble… I might get lung cancer and I might not.

  The government is the one who promotes and keeps tobacco alive. They gave away millions of cartons of cigarettes to soldiers in past wars. They know what it does, what it costs and what it makes in revenue. Tell them to outlaw it; otherwise…It’s a cost of doing business.


 Getting Old?

I never used to mind someone asking me my age, but lately it has become somewhat of a sore spot. Is it because  I am worried about getting old, or worried others may think I am getting old?

  Remember… “You don’t quit doing things because you get old… you get old because you quit doing things!” We both ride motorcycles all over the country, ride ATV’s, chug a jug of spirits from time to time and listen to good old rock & roll music. We feel young in our mind, but how others perceive us may be a different story.

  We have made several trips to Las Vegas, but we decided to try Laughlin Nevada a couple years ago. After spending a couple days there, I asked Darlene “What do ya think of Laughlin?” She replied, “It’s all right, but there’s so many old people here” And she was right, but the more I looked at them, I could see clearly that they were all about the same age as us. They were old people, and we were young people trapped in a couple of aging bodies.

  I’ll admit there are things I used to do all night that now take me all night to do and I remember Howdy Doody, Green Stamps and when the only thing we had to worry about getting from the opposite sex were “Cooties”

  There are 3 ways to tell if you are getting old: First your start loosing your memory…I forgot the other two! George W. Curtis  once said, “Age… It’s a matter of feeling, not of years.”  (I don’t remember who he is either)

Final Thoughts for the elderly?

If you smile to yourself when reading these…we are both in the same boat my friend!

I can remember saying “When cigarettes get to a quarter…I’m done”

I still have a big box full of 8-tracks in my garage.

A friend calls me at 10 o’clock at night as says, “Did I wake you?”

I find accordion music less annoying.

Some of my childhood toys are worth a fortune as collector’s items

I do have a compass on the dash of the car.

I catch myself arguing with a friend over pension plans.

I send $25 to Public Broadcasting.

I have to use my autostart frequently to find my car at Wall-Mart.

And finally, when my kids drive past a rest home and say things like “That’s a nice place” That’s when I worry the most! I can’t believe my loves were Brigette Bardot, she’s 71, Sophia Loren is 71 and Doris Day 81. They got old and I didn’t.

How to STAY Young

I once wrote an article on staying young, and since then have had several people ask me to hit on the subject again…you got it!

  I’ll be 65 in April, I am told I don’t act like it and don’t look like it, well…my brain says I am 35, but my body won’t lie. (It feels 65) I sometimes feel like I am on a train that is picking up speed and it is closer to the end of the line than the beginning.

  I remember when my dad was over 60 and I really thought he was an old fart; he slowed down and didn’t do much at all. He quit fishing, quit hunting and wasn’t doing things that young people do. I believe that that is why he got so old. It has been said: “You don’t quit doing things because you get old… you get old because you quit doing things”

  As my wife and I approach 65, we use her social security check to put gas in our motorcycles. Last year we spend close to two weeks cruising all over Colorado on our motorcycles. Many week-ends the Kids and grandkids come out to the ranch and we ride ATV 4 wheelers through the fields and woods all day, play, sip a couple adult beverages and have a great time. Yes, the next day we may drag our buns around the house for a few hours and hurt a little, but it’s worth it.

  I am not bragging, I am just telling you… KEEP MOVING and keep young! About 4 ½ years ago I had open heart surgery and started thinking about things like: Joining the local bridge club, sell the motorcycles and 4 wheelers and start a little garden…WRONG! It’s time to start fighting harder to stay active. I did loose some weight and started eating smarter. (Now if I could quit those damn cigarettes)

  Sometimes Darlene tells me, “You’ve been outside all day, why don’t you come inside and rest a little” (My body says YES, YES, but I know if I come in and sit in front of that TV…I won’t get up the rest of the day) And if I take a little nap (Like some people I know do) the naps will become longer and longer, besides, I’ll have plenty of time to nap when my train reaches its final destination, meanwhile… Let’s RIDE BABY RIDE!

Abortion and smoking rights?

The Supreme Court has made it a RIGHT for women to have an abortion, where it was previously against the law. Legislation can change rights… and no one wants to give up rights in America.

  Currently it is a RIGHT for a bar owner to allow smoking in his or her business. A bar is NOT a public building; it is a privately owned business. A courthouse, school, Library, or a Post office is a PUBLIC building.

  What does abortion and smoking have in common? Abortion WAS illegal, and has since become a right.  Legislation can change by expanding and/or abridging rights. But no one wants to give up rights in America.
Smoking in a private business IS now a right of a bar owner, but may become illegal.

  It is argued that Smoking takes lives and abortion takes lives…  That is why they are sensitive and emotional issues. And of course anytime a governmental body tries to take away rights from people, it becomes a highly protested move.

  It seems there is always some “Do gooder” group or individual constantly bringing up issues to divide us and force their moral views on us.  While the smoking issue dominates many front pages, we really need to deal with high taxes, war, poverty, drugs, health care and so on. So why are we exerting so much time and effort to stop some small bar owner from allowing his or her ADULT patrons to have a smoke with their drink in a privately owned bar?

  Let the cities of Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, Dilworth etc. all show their REAL concern for health by banning the sale, possession and use of all tobacco products. Then…we’ll all take the financial hit together. (Not just the small bars) It is ludicrous to see cities ban bars and some restaurants from smoking on one hand, while raking in thousands of dollars themselves on the licensing and tax revenue generated from the sale of tobacco products.

  No one has the RIGHT to go into a privately owned business and demand anything. The owner of a business has traditionally had a RIGHT to refuse service to anyone. What happened to “Live, liberty & the pursuit of happiness?”

Free? Speech

  TV has been pretty well saturated with Amy Klobuchar commercials lately, and I must say, they look pretty good.  She seems to really have it together. However, I was talking to a friend of mine and he said, “No…no…no you don’t want to vote for her” “Why not?” (I said) “She seems intelligent, I like what she says and she seems sincere and honest?” He replied “But she was recently endorsed by Bill Clinton, and he helped her raise a lot of money for her, and you know about slick Willy and what party he belongs to don’t you?”

  I must say that I am certainly not a Bill Clinton fan by any means, but I sure like that Amy Klobuchar. What can I do? I like the Dixie Chicks too, but can you say that out loud in public when some people call them the “Dixie sluts” and say things like “They should be strapped to a bomb and dropped on Baghdad?” I mean these talented girls have suffered financially and personally over their statement about the president. Personally, I voted for Bush for the same reason many others did, we voted for the one we hated the least. (It was like being given a choice between spinach and asparagus for breakfast)

  It seems like Free speech comes at a price these days, if you say you don’t like the war, you somehow immediately get tagged as anti-American or communist who doesn’t support our American troops. If you say you are a member of the NRA, you become tagged as a person who is a militant or redneck tax protestor.

  Someone who believes that it is immoral to be gay and doesn’t want homosexuals as teachers, police officers and religious leaders had better not make the statement publicly or they will be called homophobic, un-sensitive, and living in past. If a media personality made a statement like that, people would be boycotting the station, the sponsors and protesting in front of his or her home.

  The Pope made a remark about Muslims, (Open mouth-Insert foot) many people think that Muslims are violent (Wonder why?) and I am apprehensive of  Muslims because I don’t understand them. Many (Like me) would like to hear reassurance from their religious leaders that Muslims do NOT believe in violence and they are not out to kill all who do not believe what they believe. We may have free speech, but ya better not bad-mouth them THEM days huh?

  I don’t hate Jews, but can I still like Mel Gibson? Homosexuality, abortion, religion and even politics entail personal morality… and there are emotional feelings attached. Yes, speech may be free in America, but these days it carries responsibility and it comes at a price.


Making Sense?

As I am watching TV, I see a bunch of people in the Mid-East rioting, turning over cars, carrying guns, burning American flags and shouting, “Stop the violence” Makes sense huh?

  What about religious cults that condone killing people “In the name of religion” I don’t know of any God of any religion who says it’s OK to do so. (But it happens doesn’t it?)

   We elect a President OF THE UNITED STATES, Why does he have authority to demand that other countries NOT have nuclear weapons? We have them. We help countries that have a lot of oil, but do much less for people in poor countries, does that make sense? I guess it IS better to help rich people…they can pay you back.

  We want fruits & Vegetables labeled in stores so we know what country it comes from.  That way we can avoid products that are sprayed with chemicals that are not allowed in the United States, but our US government won’t let it happen. Why? That would make sense.

  When they pick jurors in a big serious case, they ask them if they Think” the defendant guilty. Everyone “Thinks” the defendant is guilty, otherwise why would he be indicted buy a grand jury? And why would be in jail right? But the question should be: If the evidence doesn’t PROVE guilt, would you acquit the defendant?”

If people are really ASSUMED innocent till PROVEN guilty… why do we keep them in jail till court time? The justice system “Thinks” they are guilty, right?

  Why so many taxes? Gas tax, alcohol tax, income tax, sales tax, state tax, phone tax, excise tax, inheritance tax, property tax, capital gains tax, license taxes for hunting, fishing and vehicles, corporate taxes, user taxes, etc., etc., etc... Why don’t we just have ONE tax… a national sales tax? It would be fair and make a lot of sense.

  Why do people kill people? If you don’t like someone, get away from them, divorce them, leave them. If you are going to rob someone, take his or her stuff and go far away. Don’t kill or hurt them.

  People who are addicted to alcohol have a disease and are “Sick” while people who are addicted to nicotine are just low-life scum. The government doesn’t want us to quit either one… they need the tax money. (They are sick)

  Finally, why do we hate someone or get mad at them because they have different opinions than we do? It is important that we have different opinions, that way we can work on trying to change others opinions… but that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?


Playing Slot Machines

I can help you improve your winnings, but I can’t guarantee you’ll walk out a winner every time. I have won as much as 1.2 million dollars on a progressive machine; I have won $3,000 4 different times, $5,000 a couple times and several $500 to $1,000 jackpots. MOST of my wins have been on the first or second play on a machine. I never stay with one machine for a long period of time, If a machine gives me wins… I stay on it. If it doesn’t pay… I move on. Remember: The odds of winning a big jackpot are very slim.

  Some of the first mechanical slots had 3 reels with 10 symbols on each reel. Simple right? That created 1,000 combinations. If there were blanks between…there could be many MORE combinations.  The number of “Stops” on each reel, the number of reels and additional “Features” may make a jackpot long in coming.  Some of the newer computer slots may have 5 reels instead of 3. If each reel has only 32 stops…a complete cycle may be 33 MILLION times before you hit the “Big” one. It could take over a hundred years jackpot. (Depending on how much it is played.)

  So they make sure it pays out many smaller pots and more frequently… otherwise we wouldn’t play them. A machine will usually throw out something interesting every four hours as a rule.

  If a slot machine starts showing more 7’s or more triple bars or it “Appears” to be getting closer to “Something”…Forget it! There is no way of knowing what’s next, unless you have filmed the entire sequence of the machine from the beginning to the end of its cycle. (And it could change) Keep in mind I am talking about the video (Or computer style) slot machines that are taking over the casinos.

  One machine may take 262,144 plays to complete one cycle to hit the jackpot. If it's a 3 dollar play per machine, you would have to spend $786,432 to hit the big one. (Of course there may be several other smaller jackpots in between) Don’t worry about the machine paying differently by putting in different amounts. The computer slot machines are on a “cycle” Whatever is going to come up…will come up, makes no difference if you put in one quarter of $10.00. If it’s ready to come up with 3 white 7’s…that’s what will come up.

  ALWAYS spend the maximum. If it’s a 3-quarter machine…play 3 quarters, otherwise you won’t get the “Big” amount if you DO hit the jackpot. The 2-dollar machine that I won 1.2 million dollars on had hit the 3 megabucks jackpot 5 or 6 times before I hit it, but the previous players were only putting in $1 instead of $2. The more reels and features a machine has, the “Longer” between complete cycles & big jackpots.

  Stay away from nickel machines with tons of features that “Eat up” 90, 120 or even 200 nickels at a time. (Unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of money) If you play the maximum, you will be spending $10 every time you pull the handle or push the play button. (That would have given you 5 plays on a 2 dollar machine)

  I have found that the 3rd or 4th machines towards a middle of a bank of machines on busy isles pay better than end machines. Don’t ever think that if a couple machines in a row are starting to “Hit” that it means that entire row is “Ready” to start paying. Sometimes a machine in a row may get hot, and the others may be set to pay $2 on the $100. Some machines may pay a $1,000 jackpot every 10,000 plays, (At $2 per play) and that could pay out the $1,000 jackpot every 2 weeks, depending on how many people play it in a 2week period.

  Look at what the jackpots are on a machine! I see people throwing $3 at-a-time into a machine with the highest payout possible is only $1,000 for the main jackpot, and a $2 machine next to it may have a $10,000 possible jackpot AND IT’S A $2 machine. LOOK at the payback and the odds before you play a machine!

  To sum it up: Spend only what you can afford to spend, set a limit for yourself and play for fun. Don’t play to become rich, don’t stay with a “Looser” and if you’re loosing… QUIT!  


Chips Anyone?

  Computer chips I mean. Do you know that those tiny little computer chips that are in almost everything manufactured today can self-destruct in a flash with the touch of a finger? A tiny static electricity charge would render it helpless, yet nearly EVERYTHING we depend on is full of chips. And IF… a big static electricity charge zipped across the country and took out all the chips: No TV, or radio, no car, no computers, the power company would probably shut down, you couldn’t use  credit cards, banks couldn’t function, all newer appliances wouldn’t work, slot machines and electronic devices wouldn’t work, our sophisticated defense system (Including radar) would be worthless, planes couldn’t fly, home and cell phones wouldn’t work, and my motorcycle wouldn’t work either. Police, fire, ambulance and all emergency and non-emergency 2-way communications wouldn’t work. Security cameras, alarms, cash registers in stores would die, as would tape players, scanners, CD players, and stereo systems. Even if you had a generator to supply the power… it probably has a solid-state ignition and wouldn’t work either. Some older vehicles would work, so we could at least get around if you had some gas in a can, cause gas pumps wouldn’t work either.

  Just start a list or a group discussion of all the things that have electronic chips and you’ll see what you would be without. I know this stuff sounds scary, but I have just scratched the surface of things that wouldn’t work without these tiny electronic chips. What would it be like?

  It certainly would be quiet wouldn’t it? We would have more time to talk to each other instead of being on the phone, watching TV, sending e-mails, driving cars, fighting wars and working for a living.

  Kids would have to use their imagination to play. We could teach them about hide & seek, how to build a fort, play “Ditch-em” on bikes and things like that. Yes, we would be doing a lot of communicating with each other.

  Would it really be so bad? I don’t know. But if it ever happens, it better be world wide and not just in the US. It’s something to think huh? (That we put so much faith in a little manufactured product.)

The REAL News?

I must agree with people complaining about the detailed trial coverage of murders, rapes and other crimes. It’s horrible, graphic and unnecessary to say the least. Does it “Sell” more papers? Does it improve Radio and TV ratings? Who knows and who cares? Our children read the news too, and it can’t help but affect them emotionally.

  The press in general appears to sensationalize what they want. They will have an emotionally charged documentary about 80 children under 14 being accidentally killed with firearms in the year 2000. What they don’t tell you is that the same year there were 2,400 killed in cars, 800 drowned, 100 by poison, 140 by falls, 660 by fires or being burned, and 120 suffocation by ingested objects. It’s the firearms that make an emotional story. (These figures are from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms)

  Remember “Slick” Willie Clinton’s sex escapades and the press coverage? Kids were reading the paper and listening to press coverage and asking questions like; “What’s oral sex?” and “What did he do with the cigar mommy?”

  We’ll be hearing and seeing the grizzly details over and over again till the local trial is over and it will be overlapped by the JonBonnet suspect now in custody. Regular accounting of sperm, blood location reports, gashes, gouges and details. (No wonder young people are to desensitize to violence.)

  Back when I was a kid, we had riots, guns, murder drugs, corruption, horror movies and sex. But today it’s IN OUR FACE. We see and hear about the blood and guts and NOTHING is left to the imagination.

  We see and hear about the human demise in water shortages, destroyed ozone, war, tainted food, high cost of living, obesity and so on before it is even researched.

  Here are the headlines in the year 2050:

“Ozone created by electric cars are now killing millions”

"Spotted Owl now threatening all life forms in the United States”

“Postal Service raises postal stamp to $17 for 1st class letter”

“Supreme Court rules that punishment for criminals is unconstitutional”

“Federal law requires all nail clippers, screwdrivers and fly swatter to be registered” IRS sets tax rate at 82%  AND… White American minorities are still trying to get English recognized as the 3rd official language. 

Animals, Animals, Animals

Where are all my squirrels? Where are my neighbor’s rabbits? What happened to all the little birds? I have heard a number of people ask questions like that recently and think I have the answer: In a cats stomach somewhere.

  We have a “Mouser” named Sammy, who helps us do a little animal control at our country home and it doesn’t seem to be a real problem. Feeding him is, as it seems that EVERY night there are several other cats coming to our place to eat Sammy’s food! We see them on our security cameras all the time, so… we have to take the cat food in every night.

  We have had several dogs come over for dinner too. (A dozen or more this summer) I am supposed to be careful here, because many people who don’t even take care of their kids scream bloody murder if you pick on their pets.

  I like dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits and birds…my own that is. Why don’t people keep their own animals under control and at their OWN home? Simple answer: Because they are inconsiderate of other people! Teach your pet to stay home, eat their own food, crap in their own yard and not bother other people or animals. (Doesn’t that make sense?)

  A while back in the news, a bunch of people got hostile because people were shooting stray cats. It seems that the wildlife population was going to the dogs. (And cats) So what’s wrong with that? Animals carry and contract rabies and other diseases that can be spread when they run wild. Kids and adults get mauled, pet animals get killed and property damage results also.) Not to mention the piles of doo-doo dropped on other people’s property. It seems that the ones who are offended the most are usually the ones who are the biggest offenders.

  Inconsiderate? Darn right ! And having 2 or 3 dogs in town, in a pen or tied up…barking at everything that moves (Night or day) Same thing. Sure…most neighbors just put up with it, not wanting to start any trouble, but it is sad when a law abiding Mr. nice Citizen turns into a dog or cat killer because they have reached their limit and succumbed to “Pet rage”

  Those who take good care of their pets, keep them on their own property and care for them are to be respected and praised. Those who don’t… GET RID OF THEM!

Politics & Money

It’s really no mystery why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The rich can afford paying more taxes, while the poor cannot pay more and for those of us who work…most of our money goes to others.

  In April last year the Parade magazine showed where our money goes: Military 21% (More now) Social Security 20%, Medicare and Medicaid 20%, National debt interest 12% (More now) Major social aid programs, and 19% Other. That’s like trying to live on 20 cents on the dollar.

  Last year income taxes brought in around $894 BILLION dollars…barely one third of what government spending was. The rest was covered by payroll taxes, ($774 BILLION) and cooperate taxes ($226 BILLION) and over $427 BILLION would have to be borrowed. If our government were a private business… it WOULD be bankrupt.

  Would you give to charity if you were broke? Would you GIVE or borrow money for people you don’t even know? Hell no…but our government does. Last year we gave BILLIONS to help other countries. We spend $168 million for sexual –abstinence education, 13 million for adoption awareness, and $121 MILLION to the National Endowment for the arts. (The list goes on and one)

  The Government spent more than $40 MILLION for the Whitewater & Monica Lewinski investigation but only $15 MILLION for the 911 commission to examine the Terrorist attacks in 2001. We have to cut spending, quit giving money away and look out for ourselves. (Till we get ahead)

  The election is over and we just HOPE there will be improvements. (We know better… but still we hope) There may be more of a balance of power in the white house, but one thing for sure: Until we quit pouring money into that bottomless pit in Iraq… we will be broke and getting broker.

  I can’t wait till the government totally outlaws smoking and all those BILLIONS of dollars in tobacco taxes that the government likes will be paid by all the non-smokers. You’ll hear them squawking a lot louder when that happens.

  Cass County has a new sheriff and I know he a “Fire eating” crime fighter and that “Might” be good. I sure hope he hunts down perverts, arrests those drug dealers, catches and prosecutes under age people using false ID’s to buy booze and gets all those blood sucking welfare fraud people off the county payroll. What I hope we don’t see are roadblocks all over the county looking for drunks every night of the week and sneaking up on smokers in some small-town bar. He has some pretty good deputies to work with him and they know how to FIGHT CRIME too! Good Luck to Sheriff Laney!


Passport to hell!

If you don’t have a passport… GET ONE…Even if you don’t plan on traveling. It may be hell to get one in the immediate future. You might need it to go to the toilet if this national security thing gets any worse. (And I think it will)

  I believe the government won’t be happy till we ALL have to carry a passport around so they can “Check our papers” any time…just like they did in Germany in World War 2.

  It would take me 5 pages of the Extra magazine to explain everything my wife and I are going through to get our pass ports, so I’ll try to make it brief: I was an abandoned baby and was raised by some nice people who didn’t adopt me. They waited till I was 18 and let me choose to change my name to Blair at that time  (Which I did)

  My wife’s birth name was Darleen (Spelled that way) She decided she didn’t like that, so she just started using Darlene instead. (School records, driver’s license, Social Security and so on) On top of that, she never had a legal birth certificate, just a baptism card. (Un-certified) On one of the forms it asks what city were you born? (She was born at home in the country) “I’m sorry…you have to fill in a city,” the lady tells us. (I guess you have to be born in a city, even if you were born in the country) Don’t lie on the certified form, or you will go to jail in the name of National security…holy crap!

  Our marriage license (Which has booth our names legally WRONG) can’t be found in the county we were married in… so we can’t get a certified copy of that either Therefore, we are spending money right and left, e-mailing, calling, writing, getting certified hospital records, school records, birth records and so on, to try to prove who we are…so we can get a dang passport.

  Fees range from $3 in one state to get a certified copy of a document, to $74 in Minnesota to get Darlene’s (Or Darleen’s) name thing straightened out and Oregon charged $32 on one of my credit cards before they would even look in their computer. (Which they did and couldn’t find our records)

  When we finally get all these papers back, we are really looking forward to dealing with the passport people. (No wonder passport photos show people with a grouchy look)

Rude People

We all have our favorite things that irritate us, but here are a few that hopefully will make those who do them….CHANGE!

  People who stand in the middle of the isles in grocery stores, shopping malls, casinos etc. and talk on their cell phones. (Can’t they move to the side?)

What about those people in public areas that walk 2 or 3 abreast, and walk down the middle? You always have to move for them, instead of them getting in a single row or moving over.

  Do you know people who (When you are talking to them) don’t look at you when you’re talking? They gawk around, look at their watch, stare at the wall, and when someone else starts comes by…they start talking to them and totally ignore you? THEN they say to you, “Oh, what was that you were saying?” I usually say something like, “I don’t know, it must not have been important enough to hold your attention, so why repeat it”

  Ever been talking to someone and their child comes over…the child talks and the parent stops listening to you and listens the kid. (Instead of saying, "Remember what excuse me means?” to the child.

  People that ask to borrow things…things that are important to you and you keep good care of, and don’t want someone irresponsible person using. I recently let someone use something of mine and it came back with 3 things broken on it, low on oil and wasn’t even thanked for the use of it. I guess we know to never lend something to someone who is inconsiderate of others in the first place huh?

  Inconsiderate people take 2 parking spaces when the spaces are clearly painted in bright yellow lines, especially at busy restaurants or shopping areas. (More self-centered inconsiderate humans among us.)

  When you are driving on the freeway, people enter the freeway and you have to hit the brakes or honk the horn to keep from getting run over or hit. YOU have the right of way; they should either slow down or speed up to enter the lane. Why do idiots think they can come down the ramp and on to the freeway and EVERYONE has to look out for them?

  People who are NEVER on time for anything are the most inconsiderate people in the world. You know… the people who make you wait for them, never call and you always know they will be late and they NEVER say, “I’m sorry”

Now & Then

When I was young, a friend of mine and I worked part time scraping lead paint off of buildings. (We didn’t know that it was lead base then) We painted creosote fences, we went to school full of asbestos wrapped pipes, and rode our bikes without helmets. We played in gravel pits, house construction areas, school grounds, backyards and any place we could have fun. Once and a while someone got hurt, but no one died, and no one sued anyone.

  We even used to climb trees, drink water out of a hose, and stay out after dark and play “Ditch-em” No one I ever knew got raped or molested, we didn’t even know what that was. Of course there wasn’t tons of sex and perversion on TV, or the internet. We never heard or saw things on the news like oral sex, terrorists, gay rights, abortion, and school prayer bashing.

  There were gangs, and once and awhile someone got beat up a little, and in the big cities there was an occasional knifing, but we didn’t have drive by shootings, drug cartels, crack houses and sky jackers.

  Our society wasn’t over weight because we were outside playing all the time. We drank pop, ate potato chips and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… but we got plenty of exercise. We didn’t sit in front of a computer playing games or watch TV for hours. We played hide and seek, stick ball, dodge ball, explored the woods, built forts, made go-carts and rode bikes relentlessly.

  Someone is always going to get hurt, and occasionally someone will die. It’s a part of life.

The REAL Sturgis

I have been to Sturgis SD many times for the motorcycle rally and this year is no exception. (You should go to Sturgis once in your life) It is without a doubt the biggest animal and people zoo in the world.

 Let me tell you what to expect: The most beautiful, unusual, ugly pretty and unbelievable motorcycles in the world. ALSO…the most beautiful, unusual, ugly and unbelievable PEOPLE in the world. (Yes, the world) There is a map downtown, and everyone places a stickpin on a giant world map, thus, you can see where everyone comes from.

  Animals? I have seen pet raccoons, snakes, dogs, cats, an alligator, and even a hamster. They ride in their pocket of a biker, on the seat, or in a trailer being pulled by the motorcycle. Some tow their bikes to Sturgis on a small trailer; maybe a $250,000 plus motor home, or custom trailers. Real bikers ride their scooters all the way to Sturgis. (The is really what Sturgis is all about)

  Outlaws, cops, doctors, engineers, construction workers, nurses, office people, Men, women, blacks, Hispanics, Indians, oriental, single, married, gay, young and old make the journey to Sturgis. Not all outlaw bikers either, Christian bikers will be on the main streets handing out free cold water and offering free pamphlets.

  Harleys? Well, at one time it was just about all Harleys, but that has changed. There are still hard core Harley people, but Sturgis will have every make and model of bike in the world. An event once tinged with something of an outlaw reputation, Sturgis has become an annual pilgrimage for well-heeled touring riders and sport bike enthusiasts as well.

  Do what? ANYTHING!!! You can see famous stars on the streets or see them in concert. You can eat raw oysters, emu drumsticks, buffalo, steaks or just about anything on main street. Wanna test ride a new Harley, BMW, Honda, or any other make of bike? You can do it free at the Black Hills Rally. (Drugs, sex, cowboy boots, jewelry, leather, tattoos and doo-dads are not free)

  To survive in the Black hills during bike week: Don’t drink too much, don’t act tough, don’t make comments about any person or bike being ugly, and don’t take a picture of anyone without asking first. Most of the “Bad” activity takes place at private campgrounds owned by various “Bad” people. The main streets of Sturgis are pretty docile. (But VERY entertaining.)

  People will die in accidents, many get arrested, some get hurt, but the merchants make MILLIONS and a half million or more people will have a great time and MANY will return year after year.

What is a Right? What is normal?

Men and women are stationed all areas of the world fighting for freedom and democracy, while here in the states, organizations and government heads are doing everything they can to take away our rights and freedom.

There was a time when it was against the law to have an abortion, and against the law to have homosexual relations. Now it’s a “Right,” and a vocal minority wants it to become a “Right” to have same sex marriages and for it to become “Normal”

  Currently you have the “Right” to allow people over 21 to smoke in your privately owned bar, (and home) but they are trying to take that right away. If they are allowed to take away the rights in a privately owned business… they can turn on your privately owned home next, after all you allow your kids to eat things that are unhealthy, and some people smoke in their home while children are present, so why not allow the government to make laws to enforce in your home?

  Yes, protect the children and elderly from second hand smoke in public buildings, but if you allow the government to pass laws against freedoms of adults in private businesses… I guarantee you private homes and vehicles will be next.

  The Television is cluttered with “Gay” shows and movies, to the point that our children are beginning to think that homosexuality is something “Normal” and abortion is already considered “Normal” If we allow intrusive laws pertaining to our “Private” homes and businesses to be passed, we will no longer be a free society. (Then, government intervention in private lives will become "Normal")


The “Almighty” Insurance Company

We ALL have either had bad experience with insurance company or know of someone who has. Jokes about insurance companies should be put way ahead of lawyer and car salesmen jokes. I suppose it would be inconsiderate to call them scum suckers and crooks…so I won’t do that.

  I saw this poor old lady on TV in New Orleans with a giant tree that has crashed onto her roof. (Been there since the hurricane) The insurance company says they don’t cover a hurricane. (They cover wind damage…but not if it’s called a hurricane)

  Look at the thousands who are homeless because of water, wind and even fire damage that the insurance companies won’t help because it was a hurricane that caused the damage. The levee broke and flooded homes… but many didn’t have flood insurance and it was a flood. Wasn’t that an accident? Or was it an act of God… whatever it was, the people lost.

  I recently had a flood and lost some things, so I called my agent. (You have to call your insurance agent because they won’t write a policy so you can understand it) My regular insurance didn’t cover it because it was a flood, but flood insurance didn’t cover it either, because they only cover the building and not the contents. I tried calling FEMA. (THAT WAS an experience) I tried the FEMA website. (Lots of luck with that) I finally managed to find out that they wouldn’t do anything for me anyway…my area wasn’t declared a disaster. Since I have $1,000 deductible I’ll just suck it up.

  When I buy insurance, I always say: I want EVERYTHING COVERED, I want the best…and I am told I have the best when I pay that premium. Do I know what I am talking about? Well, last year I paid close to $60,000 for various insurances. I had 3 losses…and I lost 3 times. The insurance company is batting 1,000.

  Who decides if it is an act of God, act of nature or act of a man? The Insurance Company! (Even if God told the kid to throw the rock through the window)

Who is responsible?

If a man cuts off his finger slicing salami at work… he sues the restaurant. If someone smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years and he dies of lung cancer, his survivors sue the tobacco company. 

  Some pervert molests several children, rapes a couple women, gets 10 years in jail, serves 3 and gets out again… AND COMMITS MORE crimes. We CAN’T sue the judges and parole people. Most of the people who commit these horrible crimes are repeat offenders, WHY can’t WE put the blame where it should be, on the people in the justice system?

  If someone goes on a shooting spree the parents get blamed, the gun manufacturer gets blamed, and the gun dealer gets the blame. None of these people are directly responsible for the commission of the crime. It is no different than someone burning down someone’s house intentionally with a book of matches: Should we be able to sue the match company, the grocery store who sold the matches and the wholesaler who sold the matches to the grocery store?

  If the judge’s sentencing guidelines say that a child molester should get 20 years, the he damn well should SERVE 20 years. Why should the sick S.O.B. get any less time for good behavior? He is in jail… he is expected to be good!

  Our women and children are being victimized over and over again, many times by the same puke offenders that have already been convicted for other vicious crimes.

We need to put the blame on the people who either sentence them or release them. (One of these groups is responsible) If we can’t do that, then we need to change the laws and make SOMEONE accountable.

  When I was in the bar business and someone got intoxicated in my bar and drove over someone, I would be held accountable, because I RELEASED someone dangerous to society.  Well…the justice system is releasing people who are a danger to society and NO ONE SEEMS to be RESPONSIBLE. Let’s change it!


During the late 50’s and 60’s we were having race riots and civil unrest… what if Russia decided to invade our country to “Help” us become civilized. (You know… help us have a democracy) What would have happened?

  What if we didn’t have welfare? Would the churches help the poor and we’d all  have bigger paychecks?  And what if we didn’t send any troops to any other countries for awhile and just used them to help fight crime, drugs and rebuild OUR cities. (We’d sure save a lot of money on ammunition and bombs)

  What if taxes were about half what they are? Maybe more moms that want to… could stay at home with their kids. Maybe families wouldn’t have to work as hard and long and could spend more time with their families and we’d have stronger families with less juvenile delinquency and broken homes.

  What if child molesters were locked up forever wouldn’t we’d have less children hurt by these monsters? I’ll bet if judges and parole boards were held accountable for releasing these people…less would be released to kill and hurt again.

  What would happen if we went back to “An eye for an eye” on punishment for criminals? Don’t you think they might be a little less violent during a crime? I think so!

  What if the draft was brought back and politician’s kids were always the first to get drafted? Wouldn’t we have less wars and conflicts? (Betcha it would work)

  What if all the guns in the US were outlawed? Do you think all the criminals would throw their guns away too? (Never happen) They would have a much better chance of finding more helpless people to rob and kill.

  What if we closed all of our US borders to everyone who didn’t meet certain standards and had a visible means of support before coming here? No freeloaders, criminals or bums would be allowed. (Too late for that huh?)

  What if government employees could not have better health care or retirement than their constituents? I’ll bet we’d have good health care and better retirement. What would happen if no one could get into emergency rooms or doctors offices unless you had insurance or a lot of money? (Politicians included)

  What if our government decided to not help other countries (Except in emergencies like earthquakes & disasters) until we got our own country financially stable?

  And finally, what if we all decided to go one year “Doing unto others and we’d like them to do to us?” (Politicians included)


Spanking Your Kids

Why does everything start in California? Those people must be getting too much sun, now they want to make it a crime, fine you a $1,000 or more and throw you in jail if you swat your kid on the butt. Can you imagine that? I see kids running around in the grocery stores screaming, jumping up on shelves and acting like wild monkeys in the stores now… what if we give them total control?

  When I was a kid, the thought of rolling in the isle & screaming because I couldn’t have a candy bar didn’t even enter my mind. I knew I’d get a swift kick, a swat on the butt or one of those pull me up by the collar and grunt threats in my ear chats.

  Some say we have to let our kids “Express” themselves. Well, I’m the boss in the family, so I should be able to express myself to my kids too right? It’s kind of like this mindset that so many people have now days…  they think they should have some say so in other people’s personal life. You don’t think they will outlaw potato chips if we give them the chance? GET OUT of our personal lives!!!

  It’s my Kid, my life, and my business when it comes to my child’s discipline. Besides, I only swatted my kid’s butts for religious reasons. The bible says, “Spare the rod & Spoil the child” Yes, I used a little physical punishment when I felt it was needed when the kids were growing up. Not often, but they knew it was always there as a possibility. And you know what? None of them ever went to jail, they don’t abuse their kids and they turned out great!

  I had a dad at one time who beat me black & blue MANY times when I was young. He was abusive and had a hot temper. It was excessive for sure, but I damn well never crossed him or threw a fit. We have laws against abusiveness like that; do we need a law against discipline too? What is it with some people? Why do they think they have the right to get involved in everyone’s personal lives? Show me that “Perfect” human out there who knows what we should all do or not do.

Can you spell M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-E

They took away service station attendants to “Save us money” …then cranked up the prices. Why are they called the “Service” stations? There’s no service. They like to call themselves “Convenience” stores, but what’s convenient about “No service” And you can’t call them “Gas” stations either, because they are grocery and variety stores that sell gas.

  Whenever TV stations go to a commercial break when I am watching the news, I switch to one of the other stations. They, as well as the others are taking commercial breaks too. They don’t want me to channel surf. So I just shut the TV off, or go to my dish TV. (I don’t like to be manipulated)

  Weather people tell me I am getting a “First” look at the weather. “Will it be nice? Will it rain? Will it stay warm?  “First, more commercials and news”. (They could have told me in the same amount of words… that it’s going to stay nice, or get worse.) We are bombarded with commercials, I refuse to sit and watch shows that have nearly as many commercials as content… I shut it off.

  I listen to a “Local” talk show…90% politics and they love democrats, so I turn to the other one…90% politics and they love Republicans. They like to take breaks at the same time too… so I turn to music. (Love that satellite radio)

  They used to check my signature when I made credit card purchases, but now since they want ME to swipe my credit card in the machine (For MY convenience) they rarely check my signature. Some stores are even trying to manipulate me in to checking out my own merchandise. (Remember what happen the warehouse market grocery store? People like service!

  When people go to a fast food place to eat, they even manipulate customers into cleaning off their own tables, emptying their trash and put their trays away.

No tax increases? Ha! Government manipulates my taxes up no matter what they say they say going to do. Sometimes I feel like a robot being “Programmed” to accept whatever business or government decides. (Ever heard the Boston Tea Party)

144 Countries?

  I was doing a little surfing on the net to see where we have US troops, as I have been worried that we may be spreading ourselves too thin. Well, I have discovered one thing: We have more military power than any other country in the world has or has EVER had.

  A 2004 a defense department publication showed that we had troops in 135 countries... NOW I see on the news that we have troops in 144 countries. I didn't even know there were 144 countries! Most people couldn’t locate half of these 144 countries on a map. (I know I couldn’t)  Yes, Caesar Augustus, Genghis Khan and King George V would have been proud of an accomplishment like that.

  Yes, we must fight terrorism, but the attack on our soil was by one nutcase slithering from cave to cave in Afghanistan. Why isn’t he the main target of our war?

  After the 9-11 attack we had almost all of the countries of the world on our side and if there was ever a time the UN could have and should have worked together to do something united to end terrorism. The Bush poles were the highest ever and I believe he could have persuaded everyone to work together on this one. Instead, he decided to play cowboy and go off on a tangent under the weapons of mass destruction flag and stir up the entire world and divide everyone up. Bush blew it!

  Well, I guess we have to do it huh? I mean our leaders seem to think we should force our religion, democracy, freedom and stuff like that on everyone else.  Muslims view this war as a war against Islam and that is bad.

  The latest cost of the war: 8 BILLION Dollars a MONTH. What is a ONE BILLION? A billion seconds ago it was 1959. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

96 BILLION Dollars a year for a war? Divide that by the number of people in the US and that would be…???My calculator and I don’t know how to do that, but…one Billion dollars? Well, if you are one of 484,674 residents of New Orleans (every man, woman, child), you’d get $516,528.

WE are having a tough time getting more people to join the service, I wonder why?  Soldiers that are there are being kept longer than they were told they would be there, and I REALLY believe if we KNEW we were making progress and we could see some daylight…everyone would feel more at ease.

  By the way, all suicide bombers are invited to the Nevada test grounds October 5th for a dress rehearsal…please bring your explosives. 

Politically Correct Religion?

  No one wants to talk about religion, but it seems everyone wants to argue it. I was taught in school that America is all about freedom of religion. And that meant that if someone wants to celebrate certain holidays or does NOT want to celebrate some holiday, that’s their choice. And since we are proud to live in a country that has “Freedom of religion” no one should get angry about other people’s beliefs. Unless it is like some of those religious zealots who believe in killing people in the name of religion. That’s hurtful to others.

  Why do people get all hostile about Bonanzaville dropping the word “Christmas”…after all, is it a “Christians only” facility? Don't we want Jews, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Pagans and everyone else to enjoy Bonanzaville? 

  I don’t think Bonanzaville is trying to be politically correct, I think they are showing respect for people of other religions. Isn’t that kosher?

  Freedom of religion means not getting “Ugly” at those who celebrate their religious holidays. Respect other’s beliefs, and expect the same from them. After all, those who claim Christmas is a Christian-American” religious holiday should look in the encyclopedia at where Christmas gets its origin.

  The word Christmas is not any Bible that I know of. Neither is Santa Clause, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, holiday sale or Christ’s birth date. Christmas is a “Tradition” that many celebrate as a religious holiday. The merchants love it, people enjoy it, but fighting over it is sacrilegious.

  Why do people become so inflamed and hostile when someone doesn’t observe “Their” particular religious following? When Jews celebrate Hanukah, It doesn’t inflame me, nor does an agnostic’s view that there is no God make me angry. I know there is a God, and that God is probably the same God that all religions have… they just like to argue and fight over who He belongs to.

Mosquitoes will return…HELP?

  I did purchase a Mosquito Magnet a couple years ago, and I feel it really does help, as does my mosquito fogger and spraying the yard before an event. But, when you are going to be in the woods what can you do?

  Use Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets...Best thing ever used in Louisiana…just wipe on & go...Great for Babies

  One fisherman I know takes one vitamin B-1 tablet a day (April through October)  He said it works and hasn't had a mosquito bite in 33 years. Every one he has talked into trying it works on them.
Vitamin B-1( Thiamine Hydrochloride 100 mg.)

I have heard that if you eat bananas, the mosquitoes like you, - something about the banana oil as your body processes it.  Stop eating bananas for the summer and the mosquitoes will be much less interested.

This is going to floor you, but one of the best Insect repellents someone found (who is in the woods Every day), is Vick's Vaporub. Plant marigolds around the yard, the flowers give off A smell that bugs do not like, So plant some in that garden also to help ward Off bugs without using insecticides.

"Tough guy" Marines who spend a great deal of time "camping out" say that the very best mosquito Repellant you can use is Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil mixed about Half and half with alcohol.

One of the best natural insect repellants discovered is made from the clear real vanilla. This is the pure Vanilla that is sold in Mexico. It works great for mosquitoes and ticks, don’t know about other insects.

A former Deputy Sheriff told me that he does not wash, sweats and uses no after-shave, deodorant or anything when he is going to be where mosquitoes are. (That’s why he is a “Former” deputy sheriff…and has very few friends now)

 Some short lived but effective natural things that work: Citronella Oil, Castor, Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Cedar Oil , Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil, Geranium Oil

  When all else fails…get a frog.

More Rights Lost?

Drunk Driver “Check” points? Back when the Constitution was popular, there was a “Right” to avoid unwarranted searches, but they call driving a “Privilege” that way we become more like those countries that stop people anytime and anywhere to “Check their papers”, Check their breath, and check their car. Of course this works, because the police catch drunks, people with dope, no driver’s licenses, and even wanted people. So let’s have more checkpoints… every night and all over town.  (We could even make owning a home a “Privilege” then it could be searched too)

Police using under age people to try to “Catch” bar owners selling to minors? It WAS against the law for minors to attempt to purchase booze, so they make a law to make it legal for police to use minors. Well that’s good, because all bars want to sell booze to minors, right? That’s why bars hire people to check for false ID’s, pay rewards for employees to “Catch” under age people, pay a fortune for a liquor license and invest all their money in a business… so they can “Risk” it all to sell a drink to someone under age. Would it help to place ALL the responsibility on the minor? No… they don’t have money, license or a business to go after.

 We need more laws giving more “Control” and “Power” to government and police, because after all, they know what we need and what it will take to make this earth a paradise. Seat belts, helmets, life jackets, smoking laws, our diet and the amount of alcohol allowed in our mouthwash will one day make America a safe and wonderful place to live. We are so dumb and helpless; we must have more  government intervention to help us run our lives. When a few people do stupid things, we pass stupid laws… it has become the American way.

Gay Prom Night?


Now that this publication will be coming out weekly, I guess I’ll have to spend more time at the computer and less time on the road. This means you’ll have to e-mail me with your thoughts once and a while to give me more ideas. Of course the news seems to always make me and other ordinary people scratch their heads in amazement, doesn’t it?

  Can you imagine front-page news on a couple of unordinary guys holding hands and going to the prom? The REAL shame is: We now have our younger people thinking that this is something normal and acceptable. One of my grand kids said “They can’t help it, because they were born that way, so we should except it.” Well, there are people born with the desire to prey on little children… should we also accept that as a legitimate sexual preference?

  I would like to see the Forum have a watchdog group telling us how many letters they get and on which side of the fence they are. (Instead of showing some sort of an “Equal” amount of opinions)

  Do you ever wonder if the Forum runs a front-page article like that… just to get everyone stirred up and divided? (So they people talk a lot about the Forum and sell more newspapers?

  I felt like that one fella that wrote in, he wanted to cancel his Fargo Forum, but he liked the sports and want ads and other news. Me too! And since it has always been the ONLY newspaper in town… there’s not much of a choice huh?

  Well, now that the FM Extra is going to be published EVERY WEEK, let’s support it and watch it grow, and MAYBE it will turn into a daily paper. (Then I’ll never get that TOTAL retirement I am trying to achieve.) I’ll do it if I have to.

  Remember to pick up this “Almost” a newspaper publication every week now… remember, it’s FREE!


  Tom “RoadRunner” Blair



During a recent trip to Arizona, I learned a little more about the Illegal immigrant problem, and believe me, it is a problem. The people in states along the Mexican  border know more about it than most of us, but we ALL pay the price.


The real problem is, a Government that is doing next to NOTHING about it. We’ve thousands of National Guard people down there, but with no authority. According to one of the Minutemen I talk to in Arizona, the Guard people cannot detain or arrest illegals. They just report them to the Border Patrol. (Which is highly understaffed) The Minutemen are in the same boat but with less authority.

  A recent report showed that from the year 2000 to 2005 only 2% of illegals were prosecuted. The 98% that were caught and released amounted to 5.2 million. Just think about that figure… these people were released to try again and again.  This doesn’t consider all those who were not caught and DID eventually enter the US. (No one really knows really how many enter the states undetected daily)

  There are those who enter, get jobs and blend into society and become productive. However, the problem is the ones who are (or become) drug dealers, gang members, and social service leaches that indirectly take our hard earned tax money.

  While in Arizona, I saw a news story on TV that claimed that Phoenix had now became 3rd in the nation for high crime, as YES, according to some local police officers: It was definitely the illegal immigrants who were causing the increase in crime.

  There was a time when the illegals stayed in the southern states, but now have chosen to cross the border and be disseminated all across the country. (As a result, more are feeling the financial and criminal effects of illegal immigration)

  I talked to one group of people who told me about a reservation on the border that has hundreds of illegal aliens cross daily, and no one does anything about it. (They said the Border Patrol had been notified repeatedly)

  Ed Schultz hit on the subject real good recently. His guests were loosing jobs because of illegal immigrants taking bids away from them and this was apparently taking place in several places in the Red River Valley. Well, unless WE the PEOPLE star putting pressure on our politicians to DO SOMETHING about it… WE will someday soon be sneaking across the border ourselves…to find work!

  Tom “RoadRunner” Blair



Most of my readers know my position on gun control, but after the Virginia Tech massacre, anti-gun control people still stand their ground. Why? Let me tell you about a friend of mine, who said (After the shooting) “What do you think about getting some gun control now?”

  I said, “OK…let’s look at it” Let’s say we make it a Federal crime, with 10 years jail time (With no parole possible) to own or be in possession a handgun.

Would that do the job? “Yes” he said, “I believe that would do it” Then I told him we’d take the guns away from the police too. He argued about that, because he felt someone had to be able to enforce that law. But WAIT A MINUTE, if that law we passed that law on possession of guns… and the criminals wouldn’t have guns… then the police wouldn’t need guns! “Well” he said, “There will still me SOME who have guns.” EXACTLY!!! No matter if there WAS a death penalty on possession of firearms, there still be would someone like the sicko in Virginia who will go on a rampage and kill people. And if no one else had guns but the bad guys, it makes it easy for criminals to kill people.

  The Dean Joseph Shelly & Professor James Wright studies found that 36% of violent criminals incarcerated “At least a few times” decided NOT to commit a crime on someone because they feared the potential victim may have a firearm. 70% of these career criminals have been reported having been scared off, shot at, wounded or captured by an armed crime victims.

  ALL the laws in the world are not going to prevent a nut case from getting a gun and killing a bunch of people. Recognizing and dealing with nuts will certainly help, but more laws will NOT. It was against the law for him to shoot people, but it didn’t prevent him did it?

  We live in a violent society, our government is violent, and so are our television shows and the games we play. We MUST NOT loose our right to protect ourselves…we never want to be helpless against an assassin. An honest, law abiding, trained gun owner may be the one who saves your life some day. Maybe even save your family members. There are somewhere around 2 million people a year who use a firearm to ward off attackers… the news people just don’t seem to want to publicize it.

  Tom “RoadRunner” Blair




Don’t worry?

  We hear several times a day that the war has no end, a meteorite is coming to destroy us all, taxes are going to keep going up and so is crime. There’s the threat of nuclear war, global warming, the oceans rising our country is going broke, health care is going up and there is certainly increasing immorality. And now many more people worry about the safety of their kids at school.)

  There are hundreds of doomsday threats upon us, but yet there are those who say: “Don’t worry… be happy” Ya know, it’s true… did worrying ever solve anything? Did it change anything? Does it make you feel better? No… to all of the above. So play the little song, over & over again.

  In every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double
don’t worry, be happy”

  According to Dr.  Dorothy McCoy, “Every system in your body is affected by worry. In addition to raising blood pressure and increasing blood clotting, worry can prompt your liver to produce more cholesterol, all of which can raise your risk of heart attack and stroke. Muscle tension can give rise to headaches, back pain, and other body aches. Worry can also trigger an increase in stomach acid and either slow or speed up muscle contractions in your intestines, which can lead to stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea, gas or heartburn.”

  “Cause when you worry your face will frown and that will bring everybody down so don't worry, be happy”

  So what do you do? Simple: Exercise, Play some good old music you like, think of happy thoughts, Take a mini-vacation, Give someone a small gift, Go buy yourself an ice cream cone, eat popcorn or bake bread. (These things bring back good memories, because when you have eaten ice cream, popcorn or home made bread… it was during “Happy” times.) DO NOT drink alcohol, there’s nothing worse than a depressed, worrying person compounding the problem with a depressant drug like alcohol.

  Think of all the times you worried, it didn’t change anything but your disposition and the people around you, and what ever you worried about either happened or didn’t happen. If there’s a little (Or big) cloud over your head, just tell that cloud, “I know you’re there and I am going to take you head-on and deal with you when the time comes… because I am staying here and living on, YOU are just a worry cloud and will be soon gone!” (And it will)

  Tom “RoadRunner” Blair



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