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Here are some Sites You may Find interesting

Life saving locator, I never leave home without it! SPOT HELP

Website of Sheriff Joe Arpaio 

website  Maricopa County Sheriff's Department 



More on the subject?

Crime & Illegal immigration

Child molestation and Illegal  immigrants


Two of the most unbelievable female guitar players in the world...(Watch all of the video)

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Find Felons in your neighborhood

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Figure fuel costs for trips

FoxFire web browser (Better that IE Explorer)

This simple (FREE) program cleans computer after Each time you browse the net

Original Ad-Aware This will find tracking cookies and BAD things galore on your computer. Free download of Ad-Aware SE's fantastic. Use a couple times a week for best performance.

Backwoods Home Magazine (A lot of interesting articles)

Interesting Gun facts

Swanson’s Vitamins (Cheapest & Best for the money)

Start Logic-Cheap & Simple place to host website & get Domain

Home & Business Lock Security


Reliable and cheap Business and home security devices