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Site of The  "4-Wheelin" S

 Gang From Twin Knolls Resort in Sunny Arizona

  We are just a "Wild & Crazy" fun-loving bunch of "Old Farts" from all over. We get together once a week (Sometimes more) and pack our 4-wheelers with sandwiches, Rolaids, cheese, wine, Lipitor, blood pressure pills, tow ropes, "Preparation H" etc. and head out into the wilderness of the Arizona mountains and deserts. (Among the rattlesnakes, scorpions, lizards and tarantulas) We picnic among the cactus, rock and nature's beauty as we enjoy each others company, jokes, tales from the past and the camaraderie. But MOST of all... WE HAVE A GREAT TIME!


We can NEVER Get... Everyone to show-up... on ANY one day... For the Rides


But we all dress up in formal ware and have fun Ralph likes to help people into the rigs Stan & Dorothy Betty & Henry


Shirley & Ralph We hike the trails too Tarantula on the trail  Francis & Orlan joins us 


Darl GETS READY! Lunch @ Tortilla Flat Some Hill Climbing along the way The Crawford's Yellow Submarine 


Today's ride was Heaven & Hell Up & Down Up & Down Up & Down Betty, Darlene B, Shirley, Jean & Darlene P


Ready to Ride View of 4 Peaks from our trail One of our Picnic Stops


Jim Rides, while  Herman Picks today's Trail Herman Picks BAD Trail road We try to burn Herman & his Jeep


Les, Judy, Mary & Jay Just Another "Pretty" WHAT? Henry, Betty & Darlene


Darl, Betty & Dar   Toddy Time on the Trail


Hidden Lake Swim Twin Knolls Hiking Group Echo Echo Canyon


Looking for gold Along the Way Echo Echo Canyon Lunch & Animal observations


Henry, looking for the Mountain Lion Superstition Mountain Lost Canyon


Awesome Scenery Joan & Bob Jr. Become Desert Rats #10 Canyon Hill


Queen Creek Ride Queen Creek Box Canyon


Clear Streams Beautiful valleys Near Marble Mountain


Echo Echo Canyon 4 Peaks 4 Peaks Ride


Echo Valley Sometimes the trail gets rough


We have a LOT of FUN stops on the road Our view of 4 Peaks from Trail #10
Sometimes the girls rebuild our roads a little before climbing Cougar Cave on Trail #10

"We don't mind getting old, if we find enough GOLD"

(Not exactly the MOTHER LOAD!)



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